Where to Travel Around the World as a Vaccinated Traveller

Finally, it seems the world is opening to vaccinated travellers. You are probably as excited as we are to get those passports into use again! Although rules & regulations can change at the drop of a hat, here is a quick guide to some of the destinations you can currently travel to if vaccinated and which embassies are open to issue visas to South Africans for tourist purposes. Your full vaccine needs to be completed at least 14 – 22 days depending on which destination you are travelling to.


Mauritius holidays awaits you! Yes, the island is said to be open to vaccinated visitors as of the 1st of October, however you will still need a negative PCR test no older than 72-hours on arrival. Mauritius has long been the favourite for South African honeymooners and families, as it offers some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, tropical waters, is visa-free, and is a mere 4-hour direct flight away. Mauritius has a variety of accommodation options available to suit most budgets, from self-catering beach apartments to luxury all-inclusive resorts. We can guide you according to your budget, expectations, and requirements. Did you know 95% of our travel experts have visited Mauritius?

Mauritius - Where to Travel as a Vaccinated Traveller


A city break to Paris, or a cruise through the Bordeaux, a beach break to Nice, or a cruise from Cannes? France is welcoming South Africans again and we couldn’t be more excited. Did we mention the option of skiing in the French Alps this winter, or Euro Disney for the kids? The options are endless, and a holiday in France should be on your list of must sees, if not for all the above, then for their incredible cuisine!

France - Where to Travel as a Vaccinated Traveller


After many months of being closed off we are now able to travel back into Germany. Within a few months, the local Christmas markets will be appearing again. It’s time to start planning: Germany offers an array of beautiful landscapes, magical castles and incredible architecture that are yours to explore.

Germany - Where to Travel as a Vaccinated Traveller


Iceland has quickly become one of the top travel destinations in the world, but it still feels like a well-kept secret. That’s because of its stunning natural beauty, and the spacious open landscape with nothing but Icelandic horses and occasional waterfalls. From the Blue Lagoon to the iconic Skógafoss Waterfall, Iceland’s scenery is the stuff you see in the movies! Prepare to be in awe of the natural beauty this country displays.

Iceland - Where to Travel as a Vaccinated Traveller


Switzerland: home of the Alps, land of raclette cheese, maker of fine chocolate and watches is open to South Africans again! The Swiss Alps are open for the ski season, but if you want to head off before, why not explore the gorgeous town of Lucerne….or experience the beauty of Lake Geneva in Summer, or take a city break to Zurich. The options are endless.

Switzerland - Where to Travel as a Vaccinated Traveller

There are a few more European countries such as Austria, Finland and Costa Rica which are also welcoming us …which is a great sign of the world opening again.

Should you not be vaccinated there are still destinations that are welcoming South Africans to their shores, such as the Maldives, Zanzibar, Namibia, Kenya, Egypt, Mexico and a few more, however, these will still require your negative PCR test before allowing you to enter. Otherwise, Local is Lekker and there are endless possibilities on our doorstep too.

Our travel experts are up to date should you require any more detailed information, or need information on anywhere in the world. Our agents triple check all rules and regulations with the different embassies on your behalf, as different countries have unique rules regarding vaccination passports, and some even have a restriction on which vaccines are accepted or where the vaccination was given.

Please note that this information can change without notice; it is best to discuss your travel plans with one of our experienced and knowledgeable travel consultants.